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Ideal Commercial Boilers in Full Control

Ideal Commercial Boilers Universal Sequencer Controls Increase Energy Efficiency for New Forest Council Buildings Ideal Commercial Boilers Universal Sequencer Controls Increase Energy Efficiency for New Forest Council Buildings Ideal Commercial Boilers Universal Sequencer Controls Increase Energy Efficiency for New Forest Council Buildings

A total of 12 Ideal Commercial Boiler Universal Sequencer Kits complete with Inside, Outside and Flow Pipe Sensors have been supplied to New Forest District Council and installed in nine Older Persons Living Accommodations and three Hostels, delivering vastly improved heating control and substantial cost savings.

The previous heating systems in all 12 buildings, served by floor standing boilers, had been running for 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, with the temperature of each building being dictated by the boiler thermostats alone, resulting in substantial energy wastage and high fuel bills.

Rob Sowden, Commercial Gas Engineer for New Forest Council, specified the new Ideal Commercial Boilers Universal Sequencer Control and Sensors to dramatically increase the efficiency of these systems. The new control systems were installed by local accredited Ideal Commercial Boilers contractor Gary Jones Boiler Services, inside or adjacent to the existing control panels within each boiler room, with just some straightforward modifications required to the existing wiring. The new controls fully regulate the heating systems, which now operate at a regular 22°C and include a night set back between midnight and 4am.

Rob commented, “The installations of the Universal Sequencer Control systems have been quick and straightforward. We’re happy to report they are already delivering impressive savings which we predict will save the council up to £2,500 per site annually, a total of £30,000 a year. This means the project will pay for itself within just one year at current gas prices.”

The biggest challenge for Rob and the New Forest District Council team was in re-educating the elderly tenants about the new system. Before the Universal Sequencer Controls were installed, the heating systems were in constant operation. This meant much of the building heat was being delivered via the pipework so tenants were used to switching on just one or two radiators when they needed more heat. With the kits now set at 20°C outside and 22°C inside, tenants were told they would need to set all of their thermostatic radiator valves at a level to suit their comfort levels and that no further action would be needed, as the sensors would register if more heat was required and would automatically maintain a steady heat within each flat and building. Although there was resistance to start with, tenants were quickly able to see that the systems were self-sufficient and they no longer needed to turn radiators on and off.

Rob affirmed, “From the Council’s point of view, the main benefits of these systems have been greatly reduced emissions and running costs, as well as quick and easy installation. The tenants have also experienced fantastic benefits, as the heating systems require minimal operation and each building now remains at a constant temperature, preventing dramatic changes in indoor temperature as a result of changing weather.”

He added, “New Forest District Council is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions and energy bills, and installing the Ideal Commercial Boilers Universal Sequencer Kits is a huge step in this direction.”

The Universal Sequencer Kit is perfect for use with Ideal Commercial Boilers’ wide range of condensing boiler models, which includes the Evomax wall hung range and the Imax Xtra and Evomod floor standing ranges. Providing effective sequence control for up to six boilers in cascade operation, air and flow header sensors are included within each kit.

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