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In September 2015, ErP regulation was implemented.

As part of this, Blown Gas and Pressure Jet Oil boiler bodies under 400kW were allowed to be sold without a burner as a replacement part in a like-for-like installation scenario where the installer can re-utilise the existing burner. This will come to an end after 31 December 2017.

Listed below are the current range of Ideal Commercial Boilers Blown Gas and Pressure Jet Oil boiler bodies under 400kW and the part numbers which will NOT be available after 31 December 2017. Click here to see alternative Ideal Commercial boilers that are ErP compliant.

There are no changes to Ideal Commercial’s boiler ranges over 400kW. These models will be available complete with standard burner options as before and remain current.


  • Falcon GTS4 Special, product number 203171
  • Falcon GTS5 Special, product number 203178
  • Falcon GTS6 Special, product number 203185
  • Falcon GTS7 Special, product number 203192
  • Falcon GTS8 Special, product number 203205


  • Harrier GTS5, product number 203820
  • Harrier GTS6, product number 203833
  • Harrier GTS7, product number 203846
  • Harrier GTS8, product number 203858
  • Harrier GTS9, product number 203869


  • Viceroy GTS8, product number 203879

Vanguard L:

  • Vanguard L 340, product number 158992
How does this impact me?
There are a number of things to consider relating to this change:
  • The products listed above will be available to purchase from merchants until 31 December 2017
  • If merchants have stock of these products after 1 January 2018, they can still be purchased. However, once the stock is gone, it’s gone
  • Spares for these products will continue to be available after 31 December 2017
  • Ideal Commercial will continue to have a full range of Blown Gas and Pressure Jet Oil boilers that comply with ErP regulations and offer a range of outputs:
    • Evojet condensing stainless steel tube boilers: from 150kW - 1450kW with natural gas, oil and dual fuel burners
    • Viceroy GTS, Viscount GTS and Vanguard L ranges: over 400kW up to 7000kW standard efficiency with natural gas, oil or dual fuel burners
Please remember that the affected products can only sold as a replacement part without a burner in a like-for-like installation scenario; they certainly cannot be used on New Build projects. 

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