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Imax Xtra - Floor Standing

The Imax Xtra range of condensing boilers is offered in 6 models with outputs from 80 to 280 kW suitable for floor standing application in either single or multiple applications.


Image shown is for the outputs 80-280kW

Imax Xtra Floor Standing condensing boiler offered in ten models’

Features & Benefits

  • NOx <40mg/kWh (Class 5)
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • Robust cast aluminium silicon alloy heat exchanger
  • In-built commissioning and fault diagnostics
  • Volt free contacts and BMS operation standard
  • Meets Building Regulations (Part L2)
  • Compact size - small footprint
  • High 5:1 turndown
  • Up to 107.5% nett efficiency (fully condensing)
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Conventional or room sealed flue options
  • Direct weather compensation option


  • NOx Class 5
    NOx Class 5
  • Erp Ready
    Erp Ready
  • Made in the UK
    Made in the UK
  • BIM
  • 2 Year Warranty
    2 Year Warranty
  • Floor Standing
    Floor Standing

Standard and Optional kits


  • BMS control kit (0-10V)
  • Control interface kit


  • Modulating sequence control for controlling multiple boiler installations
  • Outside sensor kit
  • Programmable room thermostat
  • Room sensor kit
  • Sequencer DHW sensor kit
  • Tank sensor kit


For model specifications and downloads please select from models below (if available).

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Condensing Boilers Product Brochure 2017
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Imax Xtra 80kW Spec Sheet.pdf
Imax Xtra 120kW Spec Sheet.pdf
Imax Xtra 160kW Spec Sheet.pdf
Imax Xtra 200kW Spec Sheet.pdf
Imax Xtra 240kW Spec Sheet.pdf
Imax Xtra 280kW Spec Sheet.pdf
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BIM files available for this product - Please click here to download.
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Imax Xtra 80kW Front.dwg
Imax Xtra 80kW Top.dwg
Imax Xtra 120kW Front.dwg
Imax Xtra 120kW Top.dwg
Imax Xtra 160kW Front.dwg
Imax Xtra 160kW Top.dwg
Imax Xtra 200kW Front.dwg
Imax Xtra 200kW Top.dwg
Imax Xtra 240kW Front.dwg
Imax Xtra 240kW Top.dwg
Imax Xtra 280kW Front.dwg
Imax Xtra 280kW Top.dwg
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Imax Xtra 80-280kW Installation & Servicing 211217-5.pdf
Imax Xtra 80-280kW User Guide 211217-5.pdf
Imax Xtra 320-560kW Installation & Servicing 211216-3.pdf
Imax Xtra 320-560kW User Guide 211216-3.pdf
Imax Xtra Outside Sensor Kit 158712-7.pdf
Universal Sequencer kit 210728-4.pdf

Other models available in this range

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